Consolidate Your Loans for Better Conditions

More than 12 million French families have a loan in progress, according to statistics. Suffice to say that this boom in the world of finance has a more or less positive impact on the economy if however the family does not risk a case of over-indebtedness. Consumer credit includes all loans of money other than […]

Should you use your savings or make a loan?

In a low interest rate environment, it is sometimes wise and more profitable to make a loan instead of using your savings.  Buying a car or real estate is a very heavy burden on finances. If you have a large inheritance or savings over several years, the temptation is great to use this money for […]

How to negotiate your loan?

Negotiating a loan is a matter of financial credibility and project soundness. You must seduce the lender by your project and attractive profile. Read The current low interest rate environment is very favorable to credit. Even if you do not have an outstanding credit, choosing an unsuitable rate, a loan amount that is too high, […]